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Frequently Asked Questions About Transcripts

What information appears on a transcript?

  1. The student's full name, birthdate, social security number
  2. Transfer credit from other post-secondary educational institutions attended
  3. Comments about graduation honors received from Sweet Briar College, etc.
  4. All courses for which the student was registered, in chronological order, from the date of matriculation through the most recently concluded term, showing the subject and number of each course, its title, grade, and credits.
  5. Term and cumulative grade-point averages
  6. Any degree conferred by the College appears, showing the major(s), minor(s), and date conferred
  7. The official transcript bears the signature of the Registrar and the date it was produced
  8. It is printed on security safe paper
  9. A key to transcript entries is on the back of each page

Can I have a resume or other personal document enclosed with my transcript?

No. Only documents which originate in the Office of the Registrar and whose contents are certified as accurate by the Registrar may be enclosed with transcripts. Mailing and routing cards from graduate schools and professional agencies may be enclosed.

Can I order the transcript and then pick it up in the Registrar's Office?

Yes. We will hold your order for two weeks. When you come in to pick it up you may be asked to produce photo identification. If you have not picked it up within two weeks we will mail the transcript to the home address you provided on your order. If you did not provide a home address, the transcript will be voided.

If I order one transcript will I be able to make photocopies of it?

Sweet Briar transcripts are printed on a paper stock with a secured background, a latent image that will cause a photocopy to display the words Copy or Void, obscuring the printed transcript information. This is done to guarantee that ONLY official, original transcripts of academic records are distributed.

Can I order a student copy of my transcript?

Yes, student copies are considered unofficial but may be used to review your transcript for personal or other reasons.

I am currently registered at Sweet Briar, how can I make sure this term's grades will appear on my transcript when I order it?

Indicate in your written request that your transcript not be produced until the current term's grades are posted.

I have inspected my transcript and something on it does not agree with what I believe should be there. What do I do?

Contact the Office of the Registrar and we will direct you, if necessary, to the office which is the source of the information you believe to be incorrect.

I attended other schools before coming to Sweet Briar College. Can I order their transcripts from you?

No. You must obtain official transcripts from each school's Registrar.