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October 2017

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E-transcripts are only available for students in the Class of 2000 and beyond.

If you need to request an official transcript from Junior Year in Spain/France, please contact the appropriate office. Junior Year in Spain (434) 381-6295 or Junior Year in France (434) 381-6109.

Requesting an e-transcript from SBC: Fee of $3 per transcript required.
Go to Set up an account. Print, sign, and upload the consent form. The consent form is a one-time requirement. Follow the instructions. FAQ's

Receiving an e-transcript from SBC:
Once the Registrar's Office has processed the request, eSCRIP-SAFE® will send the recipient an e-mail containing a secure link to access the official e-transcript.
The recipient will have 14 business days to open it. If not viewed during that period, the e-transcript PDF will be removed from the eSCRIP-SAFE® server, and the student must request another e-transcript. Once opened, the official e-transcript will remain available to the recipient for 24 hours after the initial viewing of the document before being deleted from the eSCRIP-SAFE® server. Recipients who have not received the e-transcript should check their spam folder to make sure the e-mail was not intercepted by their spam filter.

Saving an SBC e-transcript:
The recipient has 14 business days to view the e-transcript, but once viewed, the transcript will remain available for only 24 hours on the eSCRIP-SAFE® server. If a saved copy is necessary, a recipient can follow these approved methods to retain a copy.
1. Save the transcript to a document imaging system.
2. Save the transcript to a secure storage space.
3. Print the transcript and store in secure file space.

No matter which storage method is used, the recipient must make sure the document is secure and FERPA guidelines are followed.

Test for Authenticity
Recipients can verify the authenticity of an electronic transcript by uploading the PDF document into the eSCRIP-SAFE® transcript validation program, Doc-Safe

Student Notification
Students who provide their email address on the transcript request form will receive two notification e-mails from eSCRIP-SAFE®: When the e-transcript has been sent to the designated recipient and when it has been opened by the recipient. If the first e-mail notification is not received, the student should make sure the notification was not intercepted by a spam filter.

Frequently Asked Questions
Visit the eSCRIP-SAFE® website for more information.